COVID Safety Policy

After such a long “intermission,” the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra is so excited to have our new season begin.  However, at the time this policy is being developed, we, unfortunately, still are not beyond the end of the Pandemic.  So, we have to approach our season with care for the safety and comfort of our audience, our players and our soloists.  We feel we have an obligation to make everybody as comfortable as we can – and respect everybody’s concerns.

For this reason, we have conducted surveys of our subscribers and players to understand what measures can help make the majority in attendance comfortable as they enjoy the wonderful performances by the DSO Orchestra. With all this in mind we have established the below COVID safety policies:

To protect and make comfortable our audience, players, conductors, soloists and all others in attendance at our concerts,

  • we require everybody to have been fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination. 
    • In the absence of being fully vaccinated, a negative PCR antigen test result from a test performed within 72 hours of the event must be submitted for anyone in attendance. 
  • Additionally, masks are required to be worn at all times.

The full policy for the audience, players and all others in attendance is as follows:

1.  Vaccination.  Full vaccination, proof of vaccination and photo ID are required for all audience members, players, the conductors, soloists and all DSO personnel in the building for the event.

  • You are fully vaccinated two weeks after your second dose of the COVID vaccine (or two weeks after the single-dose vaccine).
  • If you are not fully vaccinated (including children, for whom vaccinations have not yet been approved by the CDC), to attend the event, you must show a negative PCR test result from a test performed within 72 hours of the event.
  • This policy applies to players, conductors and soloists not only for the concert, but also for rehearsals.  In the absence of full vaccination, the PCR negative test results must be from tests performed within 72 hours before each rehearsal.

2.  Masks.  Masks must be worn once entering the building until exiting the building. At all times the mask must fully cover both the nose and mouth.

  • If anyone fails to comply with this requirement, and then fails after being asked to comply, the person will be required to leave the venue without any refund being provided.
    • This requirement applies to all players, conductors and soloists while in attendance at concerts and rehearsals, excepting only wind instrument players when they are actually playing.

3.  Social Distancing.  We do not know how many will be in attendance at these concerts.  To provide further comfort to those who prefer social distancing, audience house-right side will be reserved for patrons who wish to be socially distanced from others. Remaining sections (center and house-left) will be used for reserved seating; depending on concert attendance, an effort to provide some level of social distancing will be implemented even for reserved seating.

  • Because of this social distancing policy, we cannot guarantee previous season ticket holders the same seats they previously held during our 2019 – 20 season.  Further, the social distancing seating and reserved seating policy could change from concert to concert and will be determined once the DSO knows the number of people who plan to attend each concert.

4.  Social Distancing – Lines and Entry.  Acknowledging that most people arrive at concerts within a small window of time, every effort will be made to minimize lines for admission into the auditorium and for ticket pickup (e.g., will-call).  This will include

  • Will seek feasibility of tix scanning instead of manual taking, tearing and returning stubs. Ushers will utilize gloves if there is a need to handle tickets and return stubs. Possibly also utilizing print-at-home tickets to allow for reduction in lines at will-call table.
  • Explore least impeding access to venue and performance hall to discourage lines. Possibly opening auditorium earlier than 30 minutes prior to performance time.

5.  Other Safety Measures.

  • Several Hand-sanitizing stations readily available & prominently displayed in lobby & backstage areas

The DSO will continue to monitor CDC guidance and various COVID factors in the community.  Based on that information and other changing circumstances, the DSO reserves the right to make adjustments to this policy as it determines appropriate in order to protect the health and safety of all involved.

Updated as of 11/12/2021 & re-affirmed as of 9/8/2022