FAQs & Directions to Glenn Memorial

Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church – Google Maps

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Where is Glenn Memorial Church located?

Glenn Memorial Church is located at 1652 North Decatur Road, Atlanta 30322.

Where should I park?

Ample free parking, including handicap accessible, is available in Emory University’s Fishburne Parking Deck (★see map). In your GPS, enter 1672 North Decatur Rd., Atlanta, GA 30322. Click HERE for Google Map.

Where do I enter the Fishburne Parking Deck?

The Fishburne Parking Deck has two entrances/exits.
* North Decatur Road Entrance: From North Decatur Road, after crossing over Clifton, the Fishburne Parking Deck, will be on your right. Go slightly past The Donna and Marvin Schwartz Center for Performing Arts and turn right into the Fishburne Parking Deck. Coming from Emory Village on North Decatur Road, pass Glenn Memorial Church, and take a left into the parking deck. (See red arrow in map below )
* Campus Entrance: From North Decatur Road, turn onto Dowman Drive through the main stone Emory Entrance gates at the roundabout. Take the first right onto Fishburne Drive. Proceed one block, and Fishburne Parking deck will be on the right just past Glenn Memorial Church and School. (See red/blue arrow in map below)

How do I get from the Fishburne Parking Deck to the Glenn Memorial sanctuary/auditorium?

Once parked, you may exit the parking deck from levels 2 and 3 directly on to the sidewalk along North Decatur Rd. You may also exit from level 1 directly on to the sidewalk along Fishburne Dr. From either point, it is a short, easy walk along the sidewalk to the Glenn Memorial front portico entrance or the “NO STAIRS ENTRY.” See below question, “Can I avoid stairs when entering the building?” Walk towards the building with the steeple. Look for signage, balloons and DSO volunteers pointing the way.

Is there a location for passenger drop off?

Yes. From North Decatur Road, you may enter the circular drive (see map) that leads directly to the front portico of the church. The driveway entrance is marked by a small sign with the address 1652 North Decatur Rd. Passengers may be dropped off directly in front of the church portico (see map). There are 8 steps to enter the building and 3 doors to enter: one in the center of the portico where there is no hand rail. There is a hand rail if you enter on the far right and the far left doors into the lobby of the building.

Can I avoid stairs when entering the building?

Yes. For bus passengers and any others who wish to completely avoid stairs, drivers should keep driving to circle behind the building and stop at the cone with balloons marked “NO STAIRS ENTRY” (see map). From there, it is a very short walk to the SIDE DOOR ENTRY which will have you enter at the front of the sanctuary/auditorium – with no stairs. There will be a volunteer collecting ticket stubs and giving out programs.

Where should I park after dropping off passengers?

If dropping passengers off at the front portico, the car’s driver should then continue around the one-way driveway, exit driveway on to Fishburne Lane, and from there enter the lower level of the Fishburne Parking Deck.
If dropping passengers off at the rear side entrance marked “NO STAIRS ENTRY,” (see question below, “Can I avoid stairs when entering the building?”), the car’s driver should exit by turning right on to North Decatur Rd. At the roundabout, turn right at the first street, Dowman Drive, and an immediate right on to Fishburne Drive through the main stone Emory Entrance Gates. Just past the sanctuary/auditorium and church school buildings, turn right to enter Level 1 of the Fishburne Parking Deck.
Once parked on Level 1 you can walk along the Fishburne Lane sidewalk to the front portico entrance. If you also wish to avoid stairs into the sanctuary/auditorium, walk a very short distance along the Fishburne Lane sidewalk, and turn left into the driveway at the rear of the church building. Continue walking behind the church building until you reach the traffic cone and balloons marked “No Stairs Entry.” Volunteers will direct you to the side entrance.

Where is bus parking?

After passengers are unloaded, BUS Drivers should turn right onto North Decatur Road and bypass the circular drive entrance and turn right through the main Emory Entrance Gates which is Fishburne Lane. Follow the signs that direct you to well-marked dedicated bus parking spaces along Fishburne Drive, across from the front lawn of the Glenn Memorial Church/ Auditorium (see map).

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Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church – Google Maps